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Onyx during Victorian era

During the Victorian era, onyx was a highly popular material for jewelry and home decor. However, its significance became even greater following the death of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert in 1861. The Queen went into a period of prolonged mourning that lasted for decades, and she became known for her elaborate mourning attire and jewelry, often featuring onyx.

The use of onyx in jewelry during this time was a way for people to express their grief and honor their loved ones. The stone's dark and subtle sheen complemented the somber tone of Victorian mourning fashion, and it became a popular choice for designers creating mourning brooches, lockets, and bracelets.

Queen Victoria was a great admirer of onyx and wore many pieces of jewelry made from the stone during her mourning period. Her onyx brooch and bracelet were often personalized with Prince Albert's portrait or initials, keeping his memory close to her at all times.

The popularity of onyx during this era reflected the cultural importance of remembrance and mourning. It was not just limited to mourning jewelry, but also used in home decor and architecture, as it was believed to possess protective and healing properties. Many Victorian homes were decorated with onyx fireplaces, columns, and vases.

In conclusion, onyx played an important role in Victorian era fashion and culture. Its use in mourning jewelry reflected the importance of remembrance and honoring loved ones during a time of grief. The stone's beauty and unique properties also made it a popular material for home decor and architecture during this time.

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